J-SEITAI is best Japanese Chiropractic (SEITAI) in Bangkok.


What about J-SEITAI’s treatment?

J-SEITAI’s treatment is the system of treatment what made for 3 things.
(Good efficiency of treatment) (Continue to treatment) (Find the solution with the medical knowledge) In Japan, Sure that excepted from universal. High performance and supported the knowledge to make a treatment to respond the demand of patients and symptoms for make a good efficiency.

What is J-SEITAI’s treatment?

The target of J-SEITAI

We offer the treatment to develop more than 20 years of Japan and applied modernity of the knowledge for made the best satisfy.
This treatment widespread around the world.
The patients trust and feel happiness and safety. J-SEITAI’s treatment that practiced by physical therapy of Japan and widespread to other country.

Program teaching J-SEITAI treatment

For now, not only in Japan but Thailand ( Bangkok ) presented learning about practice and treatment the J-SEITAI style.
Our staffs were practiced to use the less time to treat.

  • J-SEITAI’s treatment use the less time but good efficacy.
  • Practicing for communicate.
  • Service from Japan style for the best satisfy from patients.