• From Bangkok to whole world.

  • Open at center of Thonglor.

  • Offering Japanese standard treatment.

  • Checking posture that cause symptoms.

  • And orthopedics checking.

  • Advice and explain with accuracy

  • Secure atmosphere and treatment.


Checking yourself

  • If either shoulder is stiff.
  • If either back of shoes is shaved
  • If you feel headache on either sides
  • In the mirror, If reflection shown as either side of your body look stagger
  • If you often stumble while walking on flat street

In case you have any symptoms, even just 1 symptom, you possibly have already got the degeneration.


Anyone worries about following symptoms, please contact us for consultative advice.

Lower-back pain, stiff neck, headache, easily to get sick, frozen shoulder, knee pain, sprains, injury from sports, insomnia, sensitive to cold weather, independent neurological, pelvic degeneration (postpartum pelvic correction), scoliosis, etc.


Getting rid of the strains, you can expect for following results.

  • To stop abominable appearance
  • To relieve the tension and autonomic nerves system
  • To accelerate blood circulation and to improve sensitivity to cold
  • To improve athletic performance
  • To increase rate of basic metabolism and to make you less likely to gain weight


News and Topics

Newthong lor brunch reopen as j-clinic.orthopedic doctor joined with clinic.
"Phrom Pong" and "Thonglor" Clinic was closed for the day from 10/Apr to 17/Apr for Songkran.
"Phrom Pong" Clinic was closed for the electricity (supply) will be cut off from 15/Jul.
December 15, 2011 until January 15,2012 Treatmentfree is only 480 Bath on weekdays.We will donate all the income for flood victims.
"Phrom Pong" and "Thonglor" Clinic was closed for the day from 27/Oct to 3/Nov for Flood.
Now Open Our "Facebook page" Please Join Us!
Updated "Our Staff" page.
Promotion in June - Free for Moire topography (image diagnosis).
Start new Program - Massage 480B at Thong Lo clinic.
J-SEITAI appeared on cable television !!  >> Click to see You tube

Greeting from J-SEITAI in Bangkok

Thank you very much for visiting our clinic’s website.
We are celebrating our third year anniversary of the establishment of Body Balance Center (BBC) in Thailand. We have been working hard to provide the best Japanese Chiropractic (SEITAI) in Thailand. Our homepage has now been updated to inform our customers of the Japanese Chiropractic (SEITAI) is now renamed to be “J-SEITAI”.

Philosophy of Japanese Chiropractic in Bangkok

Expand the our own Treatment(J-SEITAI)to across the world.

What is J-SEITAI

“Health (Body) Improvement by Japanese Chiropractic (SEITAI)”

Japan has developed its own medical science, derived from other countries’ cultural techniques; by balancing the adopted techniques properly while maintaining same medical treatment sciences.

Japanese Chiropractic (SEITAI) is an ancient Japanese science that heals the pain by seeking out real cause of pain and removing / healing by finger pressing massage or therapy at point of the pain. High capability of SEITAI is considered as proper medication as it enhances the body’s own natural restorative properties to be stronger rather than relying on outside sources and better than relying on distortion healing method developed by the western. The traditional medicine in Asia, which has been passed down to many generations, was originated at China.

Japanese Chiropractic (J-SEITAI) is the treatment for improving poor-posture, pain, and body movement by using combination of techniques and is considered safe with highest efficiency for health.

Further to image diagnosis, checking for real causes of symptom, body degeneration, poor-posture, point for treatment (Point = Trigger Points); the treatments will be provided according to each symptom.

Taking these treatments to correct the main causes gradually will help with recovery from chronic pain that makes the body tired.

Moreover, J-SEITAI provides our therapists not only training courses for medical treatment techniques, but also training classes about service minded (i.e., smiling), friendly manners, and hospitality, etc. Each of our therapists is devoting himself/herself for self-improvement daily. Therefore, the more our therapists are trained, better they can to deliver comfortable environment to each customer as professional therapists who could provide you suggestions and greatest services.